February 26-27, 2016  |  The Woodlands, Texas

What is Thrive?

Thrive is a blog conference where bloggers from all backgrounds can come together and learn from each other and leaders in the blogging community. It’s a party on Friday night where you will get to mix and mingle with other bloggers and our sponsors! Then on Saturday you’ll be in a conference room with everyone else (no split sessions here!) learning from accomplished bloggers teach you how to be a successful blogger. The conference is held in The Woodlands, Texas, just 30 minutes north of Houston.

Our Motto

When one blogger thrives we all thrive! When you see a blogger having success then you need to be cheering them on because they are paving the way for all the rest of us. Their success is making it that much easier for you to be able to approach sponsors, brands and companies you want to work with. We don’t tear each other apart here, we are all working together to make each dream a reality.

What type of bloggers will be there?

Thrive was created for creative bloggers in all categories! Fashion, Beauty, Food, Lifestyle, DIY, Photography, Writers, Podcasters, Youtubers & more!

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“What last year attendees are saying.”

Thrive Blog Conference for me was like walking into a sisterhood I didn’t know I needed. The bloggers are there to teach, empower, and influence each other in an uplifting and positive network. That’s the key that sets it apart from other conferences. Much like a sisterhood, you stick together through the whole conference instead of splitting up. Together you learn how to properly monetize a blog, grow a following, photography skills, and branding. We discuss questions and share tricks in a group setting that is open and we network like crazy! That’s what is the center to Thrive. Everyone gets a seat at the table, and we can all be successful in this together attitude. That’s a pretty bold and powerful statement that you feel the moment you walk in.

 While Thrive is a super fun blog conference experience that teaches you the interworking of bettering your blog big or small, it also a concept that rubs off on you. Once you go to Thrive, it’s game over, you’re a changed blogger. As someone who walked in as an unknown blogger, knew no one, and super shy, I still walked out with a group of blog sisters who’ve helped me grow long after the conference. See the internet needs more of that good. Us bloggers deserve that foundation that Thrive is set on.

Michelle  |  ElleTalk.com


Thrive was more than just a conference for me. Apart from leaving the weekend with too many new friends to count (that I still talk to/see on a regular basis now) I also left the weekend with valuable insight and knowledge on what I needed to do to bring my blog to where I wanted it to be. I learned tactics on how to curate my unique content, build my “brand” as well as connect with brands both big and small. I truly don’t believe The Lone Star Looking Glass would be what it is today without  Thrive. So Thrive, thank you mucho! Can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store!

Alice  |  LonestarLookingGlass.com



Thrive Blog Conference is a great experience for any newbie or veteran blogger! The conference itself was beautifully decorated, the logistics were flawless and the speakers provided so much insight. Throughout the day-long conference, I learned a lot of strategies to enhance my content and photography, how to define my niche and tactical ways to use social media in my favor. Everyone I met at the conference was extremely collaborative and, ultimately, wanted to see each other succeed. My biggest takeaway from attending Thrive last year was the “tribe” of bloggers I was able to connect with. They are extremely supportive of my blogging goals and, more importantly, have become great friends who have similar passions and understand my need to share everything on social media.

Emily  |  SomethingGoldSomethingBlue.com



This was an amazing weekend! I’d had my blog for a few years before attending Thrive, and because of the connections I made here I was able to really take my blog to the next level. I learned tips to improve my photography, how to monetize my blog, and how to really brand myself. The relationships I started here have really grown and flourished after the conference – some of these girls have become my best friends! Finding a group of people interested in the same things as me, who share my passions, and who work in community to lift each other up – it’s truly an invaluable experience.

Amber  |  Amber-Oliver.com



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